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Do you love TV but still can’t find the perfect time to watch your favorite TV shows? CouchTuner is the option you are looking for. Like its name says, this platform allows users to tune TV from the comfort of their couch, anytime and anywhere. If you have missed any episode of your favorite TV show for any work or daily routine reasons, CouchTuner can bring it to you anytime.
CouchTuner is a perfect TV access for anyone. You can now watch all TV series from HBO, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, CNN, The CW, Turner, Warner Bros, Cartoon Network, Otter Media, Fox TV, CNBC and other major services on CouchTuner. Opening the official website, you will be presented with most of the recent and famous TV series.
Further searching option is available making it easy for users to find the TV series they are looking for. And yes, CouchTuner is completely free. It offers free TV series for TV lovers. All you need is a working internet connection and you are good to go.

How CouchTuner Is Free?

CouchTuner is a free service available for everyone. The website hosts TV series with its many different providers that are available for free. However, nothing actually comes for free right! For a user perspective, there is nothing to pay in terms of money or fees. All that is there are some ads on the platform. CouchTuner plays ads from various brands and businesses making money from their campaigns. This enables them to offer free TV series for users at only the expense of having to ignore and close some ads.

Is CouchTuner Safe?

Every free thing in life makes you wonder if it is free isn’t it? Naturally, for CouchTuner, every one is bound to consider safety as well. However, you would be glad to know that CouchTuner is completely safe. Nice folks at CouchTuner are nice enough to perform regular security checks on their platform for any intentional viruses and errors. Every media file that gets uploaded on it is also scanned for viruses first. CouchTuner Safe and sound TV series browsing is perfect for anyone to use in any part of the world.

Can’t Access CouchTuner?

Since it provides all TV series for free, naturally content producers don’t like CouchTuner. Even though it might be free, CouchTuner Safe is always attempted to be blocked by various internet providers. Lot of people around the world would not be able to access this brilliant platform. When you enter its URL in the browser, you will not see anything. Some type of an error message will appear blocking you from the website. CouchTuner Unblocked can be the perfect option for a lot of people who might not have access to it. CouchTuner Safe and unblocked can provide access to all the TV series you might be in love with.

CouchTuner Unblocked with VPN!

One of the most efficient ways to get CouchTuner Unblocked is by using a verified and authentic VPN service. VPN servers are designed specifically to provide access for blocked websites in certain parts of the world. Similarly, these can allow access for CouchTuner when it is blocked in your region. Simply have a good quality VPN application installed in your PC or Laptop. Turn on the VPN and mask your IP address with a temporary one provided by the VPN gateway.
This would make your internet service think you are at a different location than you actually are. Ideally, you should now be able to access CouchTuner perfectly. Nord VPN, Super VPN, VPN Gateway, Express VPN, Tor Lock and/or VPN Lock are some of the better options. All of these allow different locations that can be setup for your system. Work with different locations and find one that lets you have CouchTuner Unblocked.

Watch TV Series for Free on CouchTuner

If the VPN practice has worked for you and accessing CouchTuner is now possible, you can simply enjoy all your favorite TV series for free. There is absolutely nothing to pay for the service as long as you are willing to put up with a few ads. Unlike other TV series hosting websites, ads are also not that many here on CouchTuner. You might get some redirected URLs popping up and also some ads showing in smaller windows.
Simply close out all these ads and enjoy your TV your way. You can get the service on your laptops, smartphones, tablets and also those large smart TVs. Bigger the screen, better you will be able to enjoy those modern TV series. As long as you have a working internet connection and your intended device connected, most TV series will be free for you.

Why CouchTuner Is the Best Free Streaming Service?

While there are other services available online as well, CouchTuner Safe is still one of the best options available. For TV Series lovers, there is no better option available. CouchTuner being free, yet offers many great options:
It is very secure and has some of the best security measures
It provides fast buffering for all TV shows episodes available
It can be browsed and enjoyed on any device and operating system
The media player is very versatile offering many options
There is a wide collection available for TV series including new and old

Best 100% Working CouchTuner Alternatives

Still can’t access CouchTuner? You will not be alone as the service gets blocked through VPNs as well in various parts of the world. However, that is still not the end of the world. There are yet some working alternative platforms that will do the best job of complementing CouchTuner Unblocked. Here are some of the best working alternatives to Safe:


When you can’t get CouchTuner Unblocked, SolarMovie is one of the best working alternatives available. Not only you get your favorite TV series here but also all great movies as well. The interface on SolarMovie is simple and very friendly. Logging into the website, you get all recent releases listed. A search bar is also available making it easier for anyone to find exactly what they are looking for. New recent and old movies and TV series are all to be found easily on the platform. If only it could have fewer ads like CouchTuner, it would be just perfect.

Official Website:


Another great alternative to CouchTuner is Putlocker. Offering almost the same characteristics as CouchTuner, Putlocker also has very easy to understand interface. Backed up by a team of experts who are always concerned about safety of their users, it provides a very secure experience as well. If you can’t get CouchTuner Unblocked through VPN or proxies, be sure to try Putlocker out. It provides a detailed list of movies and TV series. Everything can be played on any displays you have. Creating a login will allow you to bookmark your favorite series and films as well.

Official Website:


When talking about CouchTuner Alternatives, WatchSeries will always be one of the better options available. Limited to TV series only, this platform literally matches CouchTuner when it comes to what is available. The video player for WatchSeries is just as not advanced as that of CouchTuner. Yet, you can play all your TV Series episodes just perfectly. All recent episodes with the most popular TV shows are listed on the homepage. You can search for whatever you need to watch in the search bar. It just doesn’t get easier than this.

Official website:

Daily TV Fix

Next on our list is Daily TV Fix. For this one, its all in the name. With daily refreshed lists of episodes, this platform is perfect for people who have their work hours for the time of their favorite tv shows. If you have missed any episode for your tv series and want to enjoy it later in the same day as well, it would usually be available on Daily TV Fix. It updates that quickly indeed. Just as long as you are willing to put up with a few extra ads, this platform can be just perfect.

Official website:


Primewire is also one of the worthiest CouchTuner alternatives as well. It provides users to rate individual mirrors and links as well. With this, you can get an idea of how individual mirror link would perform once you click on it. Most movies and TV series are available here on Primewire. It provides users some of the best options available. You will have to see if it is available in your region though. It doesn’t have many proxies and the only way to get it unblocked is by using high-quality VPN services.

Official website:

Bottom Line

If you are looking for missed TV series episodes, CouchTuner Safe is the best option available today. You should definitely try to get CouchTuner Unblocked if it is not available in your region through VPN servers. Once you are on it, you can enjoy any TV series anytime and anywhere.
However, when getting CouchTuner Unblocked is still not the option, trying some of its alternatives listed above should do the job perfectly. Be sure to bookmark our site, we keep uploading new content for TV and Movie lovers at regular intervals.

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