Corporate Relocation: A Stress-Free Moving Experience

If you think that moving house is stressful, relocating a business takes that to a new level and for a corporation, there are some huge logistical challenges to overcome. Of course, the goal is to relocate the organization with minimal impact on the day to day running and by using a professional business removals, you can be sure that the operation will be smooth and uneventful.

Essential Preparation

Prior to the actual move, you should contact the best structured cabling provider in Dallas to make sure that your IT infrastructure is in place. The new premises need to have all utilities connected and be cleaned and ready for occupation; when you hire the right commercial removals, they would assign you with a project manager, a key person who liaises with all parties, ensuring everything is ready when needed. It is very likely that the new facility will need a deep clean, a service offered by a commercial removal contractor.

Free Packing Materials

The commercial relocation specialist would provide all the packing materials, plus they handle packing and are very experienced moving all kinds of technical equipment. Without the proper packing materials, it is likely that some damage will occur, which is something to avoid at all costs. If you are interested in career growth, click here.

Staged Relocation

The best way to go about the relocation is to create lists; one for items that are not going to the new facility, one for equipment and furniture that is going and a list of things to dispose of. The items going to the new premises can be divided into two sections; priority and non-priority, with the non-prio items relocated ahead of time, leaving only furniture and equipment that is essential for day-to-day activities. When you use a commercial removal contractor, your employees don’t have to do anything, which means they can focus on their usual tasks, rather than helping with the move.

Container Relocation

Whether moving to another state or just up the road, the best way to relocate is packing everything in sea containers, which come in two sizes, 40ft and 20ft. Once secured, your office equipment can be transported by road, rail, sea or even air; containers are easy to move and can be unloaded close to the final destination.

Fully Insured

Even with the best intentions, accidents can and do happen and your expensive equipment is fully insured. When talking to commercial removal companies, ask to see their insurance certificate to be sure that cover is adequate. This should include damage when loading and unloading, and damage during transportation.

Essential IT Hardware

Of course, your office network needs to be created and with structured cabling in place, your IT team can quickly connect all the hardware and configure the network ready for use. If you use the right commercial removal company, they would have hands-on experience in setting up Local Area Networks. Let’s not forget cyber-security, which every business needs.

Once you make contact with a leading commercial removal company, they can take the strain and you can look forward to continued growth.

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