How to use widget smith

How to use widget smith

Knowing how to make good use of the widgetsmith is one hell of a job. But not to worry I was once where you are. My never give up attitude has help know how to make good use of the widgetsmith app to its full potential and I will be sharing the details with you … Read more

How to Show battery Percentage on iPhone 11

How to Show battery Percentage on iPhone 11

Showing battery percentage on iPhone 11 is not that trickly. However, when you upgrade from iPhone 6s, 7s, or 8s to 11, there are a few things you have to adapt to, according to the new updates. One of them is checking and showing the battery percentage on the iPhone 11. Is it Possible to … Read more

How Dhiway SEQR is the Best QR Code Scanner App

Dhiway SEQR

QR code scanning has become one of the most used technologies by individuals in recent times. It has become a center of advertising strategy since it redirects the consumers into standard URL links, payment gateway, and more. One of the safest and useful QR code scanner apps available in the Play Store/ App Store is … Read more

How to Monitor Internet Browsing History?

How to Monitor Internet Browsing History

More than 80% of the teens are watching pornographic content online at least twice a week. Equally such a threat, 70% employees in the office during their working hours are no different. Hence, it is essential to monitor the internet browsing history of the target person. MocoSpy is a high-tech  internet monitoring app that lets … Read more

Why and How Businesses Should Use React for Web Development?

React JS developers

Originated at Facebook in 2011, React JS has soon become a star of the web development industry. Especially for front-end developers, React has broadened opportunities for building efficient and seamless user interfaces. If you ask dedicated React JS developers, this compact Javascript library has emerged as a boon for developers and web-based businesses alike. Let’s … Read more

How Employees Waste Time at Work When Employers Aren’t Keeping Tabs On Them?

Employees Waste Time at Work When Employers

Every organization strives to increase productivity levels in the workspace, but it’s virtually impossible for your employees to be productive all the time. Even though business leaders and their executives try all the tips and tricks to keep their workforce motivated, engaged, and energized, yet, it seems like workers are still wasting time at work. … Read more