What Is The Best Website To Unlock Your Google Pixel?



You have a cell phone but aren’t too sure why or how you should unlock it. We will talk about the benefits to unlocking your phone, but also how to unlock it. By the end of the article you will  know your options and what exactly you will need to provide to have your google pixel unlocked. So keep reading!

Is It Legal For Me To Have My Google Pixel Unlocked?

Up until 2014 when a legislation was passed; having your cell phone unlocked was considered illegal. But since then; you and others like you can get your  google pixel unlocked rather easily. In fact your carrier can provide you with the service if you meet all the requirements or you can get Your Google Pixel Unlocked at CellUnlocker.net

There are pros and cons regardless of the option you use. But going through an online service may be more beneficial in the long run and easily accessible.  Next we will discuss why you may want to get your google pixel unlocked!

What Are The Benefits To Having My Google Pixel Unlocked?

There are many benefits to having your google pixel unlocked which we will be discussing below. 

  • Being able to switch out your SIM card for another one
  • Being able to rid yourself of pesky roaming charges
  • The use of apps not common to your OS
  • Cheaper charges internationally
  • A higher payout should you wish to recycle your phone

Usually your SIM card is locked to your phone, switching it out won’t work unless it has been unlocked. By having your google pixel unlocked; you will have more space and more freedom. 

Normally when you travel internationally; taking and using your cell phone overseas is a hassle. Once you unlock your phone though you won’t have the hassle and will be able to obtain a SIM that fits with your network internationally. 

Ever watched your friends playing Android applications and you don’t have access to them? Well once your phone is unlocked; you too can have the same applications regardless of your OS. You will gain access to all the trending apps and games and can easily play with friends. 

Why Isn’t Doesn’t Isn’t My Google Pixel Already Unlocked?

There are actually several reasons for this. When it comes to carriers; you have to have a contract through them. This means you cannot have your google pixel unlocked before your contract is up; or if you have an outstanding bill with your carrier. 

You can see if your phone is already unlocked by borrowing a friend’s SIM or purchasing one of your own. When you switch them out, your phone should boot with service which means you already have an unlocked cell phone. If not, you will have to go through one of two methods in order to have your Google pixel unlocked. 

You can either call your network provider and find out what you will need. Or you can go with possibly a less expensive route and visit CellUnlocker.net. Regardless of what method you choose; the requirements will be the same. Continue reading to find out what the main requirements you will need are!

Okay So What Do I Need To Have My Google Pixel Unlocked?

You will need four pieces of information which you will have to provide regardless of going through your carrier or a site. 

  • Name of Network Provider
  • IMEI
  • Make
  • Model

Two pieces are easy; you already know you are looking to have a google pixel unlocked, and you should know your network providers name. Next comes the make of the phone which can be found in the settings and under the about phone option. 

The IMEI is the tricky part, You can obtain this one of three ways. Either you will find it on the box the phone came in if you still have it. You can type #06# into your keypad and the IMEI will be sent to you. Or it may be located on the back of the phone itself. The IMEI is the phone’s identity much like a birthmark; making it easy to identify from other google pixels.  

Now That I Have My IMEI; How Much Is This Going To Cost Me?

So the first step is to call your network provider and find out if you qualify to have your google pixel unlocked. You need to be the main account holder, or have full access to the account the phone is attached to. Then you  have to provide them with the above information and they should be able to quote you a price. 

Keep in mind you also have to meet the requirement of a completed contract with your network provider. And you cannot have an outstanding balance with your provider. Now this does not mean that going through your provider will be the most cost effective method. 

Should you find that it is out of your price range; you can go to a service such as  CellUnlocker.net who may be able to quote you a better price overall. Also they won’t require you to be the main account holder or have access as long as you have the four pieces of information. 

Now it is time to turn all the information we have in order to have your google pixel unlocked. Whichever option you choose; you can now confidently go forward with unlocking your phone.

Thanks, Now I Have My Google Pixel Unlocked. Now What?

Great; so you followed the above steps and now have a fully functioning google pixel at your disposal. You can now travel internationally without any hassle; will have access to all those amazing apps. Your cost will have been lowered and now you have access to more room and multiple SIM cards! You have also gained valuable information and now have some extra cash in your pocket if you recycle your phone.

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