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Blogging is all about sharing your opinions with your audience, and most people make blogging their profession.

If you are a blogger, you can surely make millions just by sharing your opinions and ideas, but what if we make blogging easy for you?

You must hear the term “online tools,” and fortunately, there are many online tools available on the internet, and these tools can be used for many tasks, whether they are complex or easy.

We are specifically talking about blogging, and that’s why we have shortlisted some of the best online tools or SEO tools that can be helpful in blogging.

Luckily, these tools are readily available on the internet, and the good thing is, all you need to search for is a tool on the internet and start using it.

But you don’t need to use all of the tools. There are specific tools that are considered important and enough for a blogging site.

These tools are discussed below. Let’s see what these tools are offering.

1.      Plagiarism checker

Plagiarism checker

Plagiarism checker

If you are a newbie, we have a golden tip for you, and the tip is, always use plagiarism-free and unique content on your website.

But how can plagiarism checkers help in this context?

Many internet tasks need to be used as an online tool, and checking uniqueness or plagiarism is one of them.

Plagiarism checkers will not help you remove plagiarism from your content but, how can you remove the plagiarism without getting known about the plagiarized content?

In simple words, plagiarism checkers are important because we cannot remove plagiarism unless we highlight the plagiarized content.

And it can only be possible by using a plagiarism checker so. It is really important to pick an effective and accurate plagiarism checker and highlight the plagiarized text.

As soon as you get to know about the plagued text in your content, you can remove them by using an online tool, or you can also do it on your own.

2.      Article rewriter

As we mentioned above, when you highlight the plagiarized content, it’s time to remove or change these lines.

It is also mentioned above that you can use an online tool or do it on your own so, if you are willing to make your tasks easier, you must go for an online tool.

There is a tool that is specifically designed to remove plagiarism and make content plagiarism-free, and we termed this tool as an article rewriter.

Article rewriters can surely make the content unique or plagiarism-free but, how can it be possible?

We can say that this tool is dedicated to changing the words and sentences to remove plagiarism, and this tool uses synonyms instead.

In simple words, article rewriters change the words with their synonyms, and in this way, you’ll be free from the charge of using plagiarized content.

But it is not over here! It would help if you were focused on some things no matter; you are using an online tool that is an article rewriter.

The basic factor which needs to be focused on is readability, and maintaining good readability is very important.

And sometimes, a tool can compromise on the readability, like it may add some of the complex synonyms, and you need to avoid them.

But if you are using a good article rewriter, then you will not face this problem so, it is compulsory to pick a suitable and effective tool.

3.      Text summarizer

Some people find this tool unimportant, but it is not right. It can be useful in many tasks, like you are going to write a concise product description.

Text summarizers are used to write concise product descriptions while mentioning all of the important points in them.

The simplest concept that can make you clear about the importance of the text summarizer is, if you summarize on your own, you can surely miss any important points.

And it is not limited to writing product descriptions. There are many more tasks to be done by using a text summarizer.

If you are a student, you must use a text summarizer at some point in your educational career so, it can also be useful for students too.

All this tool needs a few clicks, and you’ll get concise and accurate text enriched with all of the important points.

As soon as you select a text summarizer, it needs some text that you are willing to summarize. You can paste it into the input field and click on the submit button.

You’ll get your required results in just a couple of seconds. But if you are going to do this on your own like without any tool, it takes much time to attain accuracy.

4.      DA PA checker

DA stands for domain authority, and PA stands for page authority, but most people mix these two things.

These are different from each other, but there is one similarity, and that is the importance of both of these.

By checking the DA and PA of your blogging site, you can determine how successful your blog is going, and when it comes to the range score, it can be between 0-100.

This score can be checked by using any good and accurate da pa checker, and there are many checkers available on the internet. You can pick any of them.

As we mentioned above that many tasks could not be possible without using any online tool, and checking da are also one of them.

Fortunately, many checkers are completely free of cost and give accurate results, but you have to find one.

If you type a da pa checker on the internet, you can get a list of various tools. Shortlisting from there can be a hectic job as long as you don’t know what to focus on or what to ignore.


Using SEO tools can save time and surely provide more accuracy than if you are going to do these tasks on your own.

In the list of hundred tools, many tools are completely free, and you don’t need to spend a single penny to use these tools.

But some of them need some cost, and it depends on you so, look at the above-discussed tools and pick them if you are willing to make blogging easy.

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