Top 5 Spy Apps to The Best Keylogger for Android in 2021


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All of us know how much Android is getting popular worldwide, it is probably one of the biggest smartphone OS in the world right now. Most of us use Android devices on a daily basis and some of us want to spy on those devices for our personal use.

Now all of us might be questioning how to spy on any Android device without having any hacking skills? Well, this phenomenon is common everywhere, people who have no IT skills think they can’t do any IT activity. Technology is getting modern on a daily basis which is why it is possible for you to spy on any device without learning any skills but How?

Most of you might not be familiar with phone spying apps, these sort of apps are designed to track on any phone device without getting detected. Sounds interesting? Some of you must be feeling very excited after knowing that it is possible to spy on any Android device without having any IT skills.

Finding the best spy app for phone tracking might be very challenging which is why we have gathered the top 5 spying apps for android so you can choose one for yourself. 

Top 5 Phone Spying Apps for Android

We’ll review some of the top-rated and quality phone spying apps for tracking an Android device. Each phone spying app is professional in terms of providing safe and reliable phone monitoring services to its users. 

1- Minspy

Presenting you the brand new and professional phone spying app ‘Minspy’. This spying app has gained popularity and reputation within no time due to its high-quality phone tracking services. Minspy has totally changed the way of phone tracking, spying on any phone device has never been this much easy.

There are dozens of phone spying features added in the Minspy app you need to explore. Going through a review of Minspy will give you all the basic information about this brilliant phone spying app. Remember that Minspy is a web-based app that makes it easy for the user to use this app from any browser on any device. 

minspy android keylogger

An amazing fact about Minspy is that it can be used to track not only an Android device but an iPhone as well. From call to messages tracking,  location tracking to tracking a web history, almost every phone spying activity can be performed using Minspy.

By the way, you will not have to perform Root or Jailbreak sort of activities when using Minspy. There are no risks involved in using a Minspy app for spying on any Android device. The stealth mode of Minspy makes this app undetectable so no need to worry about getting caught.

spyier android keylogger

For detailed information, you have to read about the best keylogger for android ‘Minspy’ by visiting the official site of Minspy. In case you want to try on Minspy on your own before subscribing to its services, you can run a demo version by clicking on the ‘Demo’ option present on its website. 

2- Spyier

People who are familiar with phone spying apps trust Spyier when asked about the best phone tracking app. This phone monitoring app is getting used by millions of users around the world due to the standard and quality of services.

spyier homepage

Spyier can be used by parents, managers and almost every person to keep monitoring others’ phone activities for a genuine purpose. It can be used for tracking both Android and iOS devices without getting detected.

Spyier is offering more than 30 spy features and nothing could be better than utilizing 30+ spying features for tracking any phone device according to our own preferences. 

3- Spyine

Spyine is the name of quality and professionalism when we talk about the phone spying app. This app has more than 24 spying features added in it to let users spy on any phone device according to their requirements.

spyine banner

Every spying feature in the Spyine spy app is designed by professional developers according to the needs of a common user. This phone spying app can be used for monitoring any cell phone device without performing Root or Jailbreak type of risky phone activities. 

4- Spyic

Spyic is the name that runs the place, this is one of the all-time best phone spying apps in the market. Millions of customers put their trust on the Spyic app when they have to spy on any smartphone device.

spyic homepage

Spyic doesn’t compromise on the standard and quality of phone spying services which is why it is one of the well-reputed phone spy apps in the world. Spyic has the ability to spy on both Android and iPhone devices.

The amazing thing in Spyic is that it always runs on Stealth mode which makes it impossible for the device’s owner to catch you spying on a phone device. By the way, you can visit Spyic to get more details about this best Android keylogger app.

5- NeatSpy

Discussing this app, at last, doesn’t mean that this app won’t qualify to be in the list of best phone spying apps for Android. Besides providing safe and powerful phone spying services, the user interface of NeatSpy is also very eye-catching.

Every user can use the NeatSpy app easily without having any professional guidance from an IT individual. Every spying feature is listed within the app on the left side of the dashboard screen. NeatSpy is the app that can be used for phone spying without requiring Rooting or Jailbreaking of a device. 

We’ve reviewed some of the best and top-quality phone spying apps and that fact is that each of them is professional. There is no risk or hidden fraud in any of the discussed cell phone spying apps.

Almost all of the reviewed cell phone tracking apps have the ability to spy on both Android and iPhone without getting detected. Minspy leading from the front because of the new technology and top-quality spying services being offered in that app. Every discussed app is a web-based spy app so you can use it on any internet browser on any PC or phone device. 


In the end, we can conclude that phone spy apps have made phone tracking so simple and easy like never before. We came to realize that even a person with no IT skills can use phone tracking apps for spying on any cell phone device.

We got to know that all top phone apps can track both Android and iOS devices. The facility of stealth mode in these best cell phone tracking apps prevents users from getting detected. So, go through all phone spying apps and choose the one as per your budget and requirements.  

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