Secure Your IP & protect your data with best free Vpn

In the ending of July 2021, Microsoft announced the newest version of the Windows operating system. Microsoft Windows is on the verge to enter a new era.

Besides,VPN or Virtual Protection Network is a software or a tool to access the websites & portal that are not working on your region. Just like many apps,websites we cannot access in our countries, But With the assistance of VPN we can easily access that portal without losing our any security.VPN is safest tool & easiest to access blocked websites in the specific regions of the world. Majority of Microsoft users have attracted to VPN for the purpose to secure their IPs and other data protection.Because,Everybody want to secure their data himself/herself. So In this way, 99.99% people want to find out any safest, fastest, best free VPN for Windows & phones (Android and iOS) to protect their personal information like their IP addresses etc.Nowadays,VPN is an essential tool to protect ourselves digitally.

Now, there is a big issue: How to find the best VPN free for use that can easily meet our requirements for all purposes like business work, entertainment like playing games, watching movies, using software’s etc. without breaking the security barrier.

Working of VPN in Windows

When we turn Vpn “ON” in our windows, at that time, The Internet availability will be obstructed with trillions of data bundles. Generally, Data Bundles will connect to others on the internet passing through the ISP (Internet Service Provider).

On the other hand transferring of data to ISP enciphered, varying some crucial details in the process of hiding your data and keeping it secret. Then, the connectivity will be routed again through Virtual Private Network server. The data will be routed over the VPN.

Free VPN to Protects Data and Allow to overcome regional restrictions

VPN services are not the latest things in the modern era, free VPN for Windows . This is not very rare. On the internet, There are thousands of VPNs for windows & other media (Androids,IOS) that are available for free download.

  1. Security & Privacy

Itop VPN uses high excellent security standard. In order to understand, we can say that to   sensitive details of a person is hidden and protected. Everybody don’t worry about hackers intercepting your privacy through internet and with personal information will no longer be accessible to government institutions and organizations that collect and collect data to limit your freedom and choices. .

  1. Hidden Real IP

When we allow VPN to access any restricted online service like playing online games that are highly restricted in your location.VPN change your real location and IP address will be encrypted and Internet Service Provider(ISP) cannot find out your true location and unable to track your activities.

  1. Getting data which is restricted in your region

As we all know that geo-blocking is not the latest concept in the globe today. If you don’t live in the USA, you won’t be able to access HBO Now. As previously stated, Netflix’s catalog varies per country (the US has more than 4000 movies and Italy has only 2500). All of these issues may be resolved with the use of an iTop VPN. The iTop VPN offers specialized tunnels for various applications. All of the user environments are taken into consideration by the developer. Geo-limitation-breaking possibilities include internet video streaming, social networking, and online gaming.

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