Throw the best birthday party for your five-year-old!

It’s your five-year old’s birthday next week. And, looking at the attention span of a toddler, you might have realized that you need a solid plan for the birthday party. The planning and execution need to be fun and engaging as kids can be fussy over small things and facts. Are you planning to have the same old boring party games? Or are you thinking of spicing things up with some new idea? No matter what activity you finalize on, remember to make a baby bash a fun roll not just for the kids but also for the organizer (parents). Remember, get return Gifts for girls and boys ready for the guests before the party ends.

Preparation for the party

  • You will most probably want to center your party around a theme. This will maintain a certain amount of excitement during the party and will make your party the talk of the town. The themes you would like to choose can be anything from a Sci-fi adventure to a circus theme or even an amusement park theme. The theme needs to be chosen depending on the birthday baby’s liking.
  • The next step is the invitation process. Baby bashes must always have the babies who are your 5-year old’s friends and their parents.
  • Third, food preparation. Finger foods must be the mainstay of the menu as this is a party for kids. Kids can’t normally take too much food; hence the food has to be served in small portions. If needed, you can separate the food for the adults and kids, if parents are invited. Sometimes parties can become adult get-togethers if no other babies are invited or unable to make it for whatever reason.

Now some ideas for the party:

Why not add some splash, some fun, and color in it? It won’t cost you a fortune and will also be one of the most memorable birthday bashes your child will experience. So how do you go about making birthday parties for kids more fun? Here are five ideas to help you out.

1. Rental Bounce Houses

This is one of the best party elements you can add to a kid’s party. Inflatable bounces are meant for sheer fun, and many companies are offering you a wide variety of party rentals. From inflatable Disney characters to bouncy rides, everything is available for children of all ages. The rental bounce houses are designed to accommodate a group of children to play together.

  1. Splash Pools

You can also rent splash pools that are also inflatable. They are simply perfect for a summer party. These come in various sizes, shapes, and colors and make for a refreshing change for your kid’s birthday bash. Imagine how happy children would be if they all got together to splash around and have fun.

  1. Treasure Hunt

This is one classic game you wouldn’t want your children to ever miss out on. The treasure hunt has always been a fun-loving game for children and adults alike. Children and adults are most likely to enjoy a fantastic game of treasure search.

  1. Musical Chairs

Musical chairs never lose their charm even though it’s a game that has been enjoyed throughout the ages. Adults and children can enjoy this fantastic game together and have a fantastic time. The winner gets a huge prize! You will be having one of the best moments in your life playing this game with your kid.

  1. Egg and Spoon Race

The egg and spoon race is one of the best games out there! Though do expect a lot of mess as kids drop the eggs while in pursuit of reaching the winning post. You may want to play this with older kids, but you can always have them run or walk around competitively with the younger fellows.

This year make sure your child enjoys all these fun-filled activities and gifts on their special day. You can pre-book and get the gifts delivered through an online gift delivery service provider such that you do not waste a lot of time later on. Ask your kids for ideas for planning games for their bash, and they will surely love to help you.

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