Best Working Backpage Alternatives Early 2020

In the earlier part of this decade, Backpage alternatives has been influential for many to say the least. You could find classified ads of all types of the platform. From the smallest to the largest product and also services of all kinds, everything was listed on Backpage. If you have been following the platform, you would be well aware of Backpage seizure couple of years ago. Suddenly, the platform got taken down by authorities in various parts of the world.

Back in its heyday, you could find pretty much everything you wished for on Backpage. Electronics to automobiles, property for sale to job ads, toys to software and much more was available. The platform saw many diverse bold steps incorporated in its operation. Its popularity grew worldwide as people from around the globe wanted to sell and buy from it.

History of Backpage

Backpage was launched on a small scale back in 2004. It was the early 2010s that saw the platform skyrocket in terms of what you could find on it. Products and services of all kinds got listed on it. Backpage became a type of opensource classified ads platform that everyone could operate. With all those good and legal products or services, unfortunately, some illegal ones also got listed on it. This led to rising concern about Backpage by world authorities.

In 2018 eventually, it got taken down by the Federal bodies and law enforcement agencies. April 2018 saw complete Backpage seizure and it has not been back ever since. and all its affiliate websites are now seized permanently without any notice of reopening at all. The platform is simply closed out with not much chance of coming back online ever again. The best chance you now have is to try some working Backpage Alternatives in 2020.

Working Backpage Alternatives in 2020

The world is a big open market today. With so much development happening at all times, there is an alternative for everything today. In the same vein, you can find some great working Backpage Alternatives in 2020 that will serve the purpose great. The world of ecommerce has developed greatly over the past 5 or so years. There are some great options to get all you want from today. Here are some working Backpage Alternatives that you need to know about:


From jobs to retail product of all types and everything in between, Craiglist has it all. In fact, Craiglist is one of the worthiest alternatives for Backpage. Indeed, Craiglist is how Backpage moderators would have seen their website few years down if it hadn’t had to shut down. Users can now find what they want on the platform and it is available pretty much everywhere in the world.

There was a time when Craiglist was famous for more personal ads like adult ads as well. However, that part of the service shut down back in 2010. In 2018, Craiglist moderators finally decided to remove such ads altogether. Today, it provides one of the best Classified Ads service in the world. You simply find all kinds of ads on the platform.

It may not be a popular dating site anymore, but you do find everything else on it these days. From big projects posted as ads by businesses, it also provides a great platform for entrepreneurs from all disciplines. Looking at how the platform has been working, you can easily see it succeeding for many years to follow.


Who doesn’t know Facebook right! Almost everyone has a Facebook account at this point. Whether it is browsing Facebook from your PCs or navigating the app on smartphones, we all find some time for this brilliant social media platform. In addition to being one of the best social media services, Facebook is also now one of the most popular buying and selling destinations.

It is hard to term Facebook as a marketplace only because of its characteristics. However, with its paid ad campaigns and even free brand and product promotions, it is now massive in the online retail world. Most brands selling products or services are found these days on Facebook. Since Facebook now has other social media platforms like Instagram and WhatsApp under its wings as well, it is only going to get better at what it offers.

When looking at the maximum user base for any working Backpage Alternatives, Facebook certainly is a leading one. You find classified ads for all kinds of products and services here. Simply type your required keyword in the search bar and you will be presented with countless options. Facebook is also mow becoming the go-to destination for job seekers and employers as well.


When looking for Backpage Alternatives, Locanto certain deserves a spot in our list.  Available in more than 60 countries currently, this German founded platform literally has it all. Many different categories are available for classified ads including jobs, furniture, real estate, automobiles, rental property and yes, dating ads as well. You also find personal ads on the platform as well available for adults.

Using the more modern Android or iOS app for Locanto, users can find it much similar to how Backpage used to work. It is also now one of the most visited classified ads destinations across the world. Posting an ad for practically any product of service, will get sizable response almost certainly. Indian version of Locanto is now one of the most popular matrimonial destinations in the country.

However, the average user in many parts of the world is still unaware of Locanto. It may be popular around the world but is still to reach the likes of Facebook and Craiglist. However, it is surely one of the better Backpage Alternatives you can find working 100% today.

For UK, many European countries and also some countries in Asia, is one of the most popular classified ads destinations. It works very well as a Backpage Alternative and is a UK-Based online service. Initially gaining its fame from being an automobile marketplace in the UK, Gumtree is now home to classified ads of all kinds.

You only need to create an account on Gumtree and will be able to post free ads after. Users can also go through thousands of products listed without even having an account as well. It will not be the best Backpage replacement as the platform has no personal ads at all. Yet, when looking for classified ads of many types, it should be a destination you should not miss out on.


Launched as a classified aggregator back in 2004, Oodle got upgraded with a personal ads section in 2006. The platform displays queries from different other classified sites. One great feature Oodle offers is availability of classified ads from many different platforms. This makes it one of the better Backpage Alternatives and even beating out Backpage in a certain way.

Users can easily find out which classified ads destination suits them best. When looking for certain types of classified ads including personal ads and other ones, Oodle can guide you the best way. Think of this as your way to navigate best classified ads on the internet across all the various websites. Also, you can browse these ads while staying in the Oodle platform.

Based solely on classified ads of all kinds, LetGo is one of the best Backpage Alternatives in many parts of the world. Seeing light of day in 2015 and founded by former OLX CEO, now has an impressive user base. It has gained popularity in many countries of the world and continues to grow in new markets every year.

With a very clean interface, LetGo is a great alternative to Backpage in every way. Few of the major ad categories can be seen highlighted on the homepage. Going down further, you can see different classified listings for different products and services. Having logged in the system, users can also save certain listings. This Backpage like platform also offers users Android and iOS apps as well. You can also share ads and listings with people in your contact lists.


When looking for some of the best Backpage Alternatives, ClassifiedAds is certain one of the best indeed. Providing the option for personal ads, this platform is also well known across the world. “Personals” section that is available right on the homepage offers many inner categories as well. These include casual dating, long term relationships and much more.

Posting ads on ClassifiedAds is a multi-step process. However, if you are willing to spend a bit of time here, you will not be disappointed with the results. It offers much similar functionality as Backpage but you will have many ads content to deal with. Otherwise, buy and sell what you want here with very little to pay for it.

Where It Stands!

Backpage was one of the best classified destinations for many people across the world. However, it may be gone for good. You do have many other more modern Backpage Alternatives however. Where many might claim to offer similar functionality, the ones listed above are tried and tested by professionals. Be sure to give these a try and find what you need right away.

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