5 Apps To Help Keep You Stay connected During Covid-19



Covid-19, a worldwide pandemic that no one has ever imagined or thought of even in their dreams but it is what it is. 

Everyone in this world has gone through the pain it has caused, whether financially, personally, professionally, economically, and so on. This pandemic did not harm people only in terms of physical health but also mentally. Being locked in a room for 24*7 is nonetheless a trauma to many, especially for those who are socially very active and adventurous.

But thanks to technology, even in this worldwide pandemic, people can still get connected to their loved ones and earn their livelihood sitting at their homes. 

The 5 most essential apps that helped people being connected with one another during Covid-19 are as follows.


When we talk about Facebook, I don’t think there is anyone left who is not connected through Facebook, or they have not been connected at least once in their lifetime. It is such a big platform, and being a big platform, it worked tremendously and helped people in this pandemic. Connecting with the world through Facebook has never been like it was in the pandemic. Anyone in need posted their requirement on Facebook, and within the seconds, a large number of people came to help in whatever way they could. In this pandemic, it was proved that Facebook is about having fun and doing chit-chat and calling, but it also acts as a messenger for those in need and in their difficult times.


One always feels connected with their loved ones through WhatsApp call and chats but in this pandemic when the whole world was locked inside their houses, it was WhatsApp that made them feel close to each other. Many students were locked in an apartment, unable to move their families, alone in an apartment isolated physically from the world, it was none the less emotional and mental trauma, the only way they felt connected with their family and friends was through WhatsApp video calling. Even the doctor visited their patients through video calls on WhatsApp to ensure that the patients are following their prescribed routine properly.


Before this pandemic, many of us had never even heard of the Zoom app. But during the pandemic, Zoom was among the most used apps by people in the whole world. From not known to many to known to the whole world, the zoom was used by almost everyone whether it was by school and college students or by the working people or by the government itself. Zoom helped millions of people to get connected with their work, studies and even an informal meeting. Zoom connected everyone in such a way that no one was left untreated with their requirements because of the pandemic. It proved that If you are blessed with technology then no physical restrictions can come in your way to get connected with your studies and work.

Google Meet

The best feature of Google Meet is that you don’t have to create an account to get connected through the meet, all you need is a Gmail account and whosoever has a Gmail id can get connected with a link. It is also beneficial for the companies because they don’t have to pay anything to get connected with their employees through Meet. This is the reason that almost all the companies in the world used Google Meet in this pandemic to get connected with their employees. To discuss a long meeting or a short one, to consist of 5 members or 50, Google Meet was available for them in the way they wanted. Even the interviews were taken on Google Meet and new pass outs and the one who was looking for the job easily got connected with the companies for the job.


When it comes to worldwide information, Twitter is the one on which one can rely. Twitter is a platform where one can tweet their opinion about anything and everything. Just a tweet and it is retweeted by so many people that nobody is left to know what is going on in the world. 

And during the pandemic when everybody in the world was locked inside their houses with a complete shutdown of everything and unable to get any news of the world, nation or even how the pandemic affected an individual, Twitter was the one through which people get connected and informed about the ongoing worldwide pandemic and their opinions and the sufferings and experiences they faced during the pandemic. What your favourite celebrity is doing in a pandemic, what the government is doing for the pandemic, who got affected with the virus, who has survived from coronavirus, all the information was available on Twitter and people get connected with that.

These apps helped us to survive in this dangerous pandemic situation and made us feel closer to our family and friends virtually. Not just that, it also helped us professionally so that even after this pandemic we can earn our livelihood. If these apps weren’t present in our lives, nobody can ever imagine how they would have survived and fought with this worldwide pandemic. 

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