Top 11 Great Android Home Screen Widgets to Get You Started

Access to technology has augmented in recent years. We seldom find someone without a phone. Technology has helped us save loads of time and has brought people around the world closer. 

We can’t shy away from accepting that even during these unfortunate times caused by the global pandemic, mobile phones have played a very significant part. Had there been no mobile phones or laptops, we would have just sat in our houses getting bored all day long. In a nutshell, mobile phones are a necessity and not a luxury. 

The world we currently live in is fast-paced. So, what’s the need for the hour? Ironically, saving the hour itself. Everyone wants to be the hare and not the tortoise. People today prefer short-cuts. Rational ones. We want to save time after all! Customers look for products that get things done quicker. 

To satisfy this need, companies come up with brilliant ideas for their products or different features for their product. Widgets are one such outcome of brainstorming.

Take the widget route to your apps

Before we jump right into why widgets are cool tools, we need to know the answer to the following question- What does a widget do? Well, apart from sounding fancy, widgets are also easy short-cuts to accessing apps. 

They let you have a sneak peek at almost all applications on your phone without having to open them. The simplest example is that of the calendar widget of Android that let’s have a glance at your daily or weekly schedules and your to-do list on your home screen’s widget without having to do the ‘tedious’ job of visiting the calendar app, opening it and then looking for upcoming events.

Widgets in vogue

Androids had launched Widgets around 2008 and have been a feature of utility since then. These have developed greatly since their birth and have a lot more to offer now. Widgets are for those who like doing things as fast as greased lightning. Choosing the right widget may leave you puzzling, so here are 11 Android home screen widgets to help you get started.

11 Widgets that you might be missing out on 


  • The Calendar Widget by DigiCal 


This widget makes you feel like a celebrity who needs to have a daily follow-up assistant to let you know about your schedule. One of the most preferred calendar widgets is DigiCal which offers aesthetically beautiful planning widgets to add to your home screen. It has some great configuration options and allows you to have different widgets and themes for every different activity. 


  • The Weather Widget by 1Weather 


Considering the current erratic weather patterns, knowing the daily weather conditions has become so important. To prevent your plans from getting sabotaged, knowing the weather conditions from time to time is quite necessary. While there are amazing weather widgets available for Android, the best one in 2021 would be the 1Weather widget. It has a layout that is beautiful, clear and informative all in one.


  • The Note Widget by Google Keep 


Ideal for professionals, students and our hard-working mothers who still use random sheets for writing down groceries list. The best note-taking widget right now would be Google Keep to let you jot down information, thoughts or grocery lists whenever and wherever. The best feature of this widget is that it lets you save your information in varied ways ranging from audio to photos.


  • Digital Clock Widget Xperia’s Clock Widget


It’s ironic how people prefer looking at the time on the phone rather than by a watch. Digital clocks are preferred for precision and of maximum utility for professionals with tight schedules. Digital Clock Widget Xperia is a popular widget known for its many customization options that are simple to use. If your Android version is 4.2 or higher, you can add the widget to your lock screen too! 


  • The AP News Widget 


News is what connects the world and tells you everything about global happenings. In the current unfortunate times of the pandemic, news has become intrinsic. The AP news widget provides you with authentic news. Its trusted sources supply real-time coverage of news anytime and anywhere. 


  • The Music Widget by Musicolet 


Almost every other person is a music lover. One will hardly find a person who doesn’t listen to music while having to travel long distances or even while waiting in a queue. Musicolet is a trendy widget ideal for android users with the app having over a million downloads. It’s got appreciable features of sleep timers, Android auto support, great-looking themes and is also easy to navigate through.


  • The Health Widget by MyFitnessPal


One can’t stress enough on the need of monitoring health daily. This means that one does need to have a go-to health monitoring widget. One such widget is the very reliable health app named MyFitnessPal.


  • Battery Widget Reborn 


Let’s not shy away from accepting that most of us spend hours on our mobile phones. Hence, to take care of your phone’s battery health, Battery Widget Reborn is highly recommended. It lets you know the estimated time left, the temperature and has a power-saving functionality too.


  • The to-do list Widget by Todoist


Planning is mandatory and recommended for even the smallest of tasks. If one is looking for a virtual planner that not only helps you organize tasks but also lets you collaborate on all kinds of projects, then the Todoist widget is perfect for you.



  • The Netflix Widget


Another significant role that was played during our lockdown days was definitely by Netflix. Your favourite shows and movies are only a tap away, thanks to the Netflix Home Screen Widget. Simply tap, binge watch and chill!


  • The Hindi typing widget by Hindi Keyboard 


Adding to your fun of using amazing widgets, Bharat keyboard has his keyboard application that offers users to type in Hindi directly by using Hindi Keyboard. It also enables users to type using English alphabets that are translated to Marathi. This feature comes in handy for beginners as well as for those who are still learning Marathi. So download the Hindi keyboard today!

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