Airpods case not charging- Reasons why and how to fix it

While using you’re Airpods, a voice signal to you about the battery being low. You know it is time to charge the battery case, to use it to charge your Airpods. However, when you try charging the case, you discover the battery case not charging. This can be frustrating because if the battery case does not get charged, the Airpods will also not be charged. Which means you can no longer use them. If you find yourself in this kind of situation, I urge you to read this post to the very end so as know how to fix the issue.

Airpods are good mobile accessories that anyone would love to have around, however, issues with the battery case are what make a lot of individuals give up on this amazing mobile accessory. Because when the Airpods case develops a fault, it means you can no longer use the case to charge your Airpods. And when you can’t charge the Airpods, they become of no use. So, let’s quickly check out the common faults that affect Airpod cases and simple ways how to fix these problems.

Airpod Case Not Charging-The Problems

The Lightning Cable Issue

One major issue that can stop you from charging your Airpods case is if there is a problem with the power source to which you connect your lightning cable. This can be a hindrance. Make sure to check your power source. Your AirPods case will charge well if you connect the lightning cable to the appropriate source. But if you don’t, the case might not charge

Dirty Or Damaged Data Port

If the charging socket is unclean or damaged, this might be a reason why your Airpods case is not charging. Dirt might accumulate over time in the socket ports and become lodged. This will hinder the case from being charged when you connect it to the lightning cable. The best thing is to get a neat and clean material to swipe and thoroughly clean the ports. When you are done cleaning, connect the case to the cable to see if it will work. If it doesn’t charge that signifies that the case is damaged.

Airpods Battery Problem

Another thing that might contribute to your Airpods case not charging is the battery. If you have been using your Airpods for a while now, the battery might have lost its strength which means they need to be changed. But if it has not been long since you bought the Airpods, the battery might not be the problem. Furthermore, if you notice the caes run out of battery constantly this might be battery issues. Another thing to check out is, that if you notice one of the Airpods running out fast, the problem might be the battery in the pods. So I urge you to check the battery condition before discarding your Airpods.

Software Issue

If the software of the Airpods case has a problem, the case might not charge. Peradventure, bugs have found their way to the software of the Airpods, these bugs will help lead to software malfunction, which in turn hinders the case from charging. If the above three aren’t the issue, this might be. All you need to do is to reset the case and all the operating systems will be refreshed to work normally.

Airpods Not Charging

If you notice your Airpods are not charging when you insert them into the case, the problem might be that the components that help charge your Airpods are faulty or the case has run out of battery.

Airpods Case Not Charging- How To Fix Problems

Reset Airpods Case

The first thing to do when you notice your Airpods case not charging is to reset the case. Resetting your Airpods case is quite easy. Resetting will help refresh the OS of the case, which might help fix the charging problem. Follow these steps to reset the Airpods case.

Check the back of your Airpods case, you will see a setup button. Press and hold this button till the status light flashes white.

Check the Airpods case should charge now. But if it doesn’t try other methods below.

Clean the Airpods Case Port

Another thing you need to do if the reset doesn’t work is to clean the charging port of the case. Airpods case charging ports are known in accumulating dirt. And make sure not to use metals or wet materials to clean the case. Because the can cause a short circuit and can damage the Airpods case for good. So to wipe off the dirt in the case just

  • Get a toothpick or a tiny brush
  • Use the brush or toothpick to carefully brush off the dirt.
  • Connect the case back to the cable. This should do it. And if it doesn’t, check out other methods on the list.

Try a Different Cable

Make sure you are using an MFI-certified cable to charge your Airpods case. Because other cables that are not MFI certified do not have good connectivity and can cause you problems when trying to use them to charge. You can get an MFI-certified cable in online stores like Amazon.

Inspect The Charging Process

If the above-listed methods did not work, try to inspect the charging process of the Airpods case by starting with the power adapter. Thoroughly check the adaptor if it hasn’t accumulated dirty. If it has, that could be the problem why it is not charging. Get a clean toothbrush and clean the adaptor using a circular motion. This way helps get the dirt out quickly.

And if that doesn’t work, try to get another power adaptor from someone either a friend or a colleague to check if it is your power adaptor that is faulty.

 Take Out The Airpods From The Case

In a rare situation, having your Airpods in the case can sometimes hinder the Airpods case from charging properly. Simply take out your Airpods and check if the case is charging. If it charges that shows that the Airpods are the ones hindering it from charging. But if it doesn’t charge, this signifies that your Airpod case has a serious problem.

Try Using A Wireless Charger

Wireless chargers have started to become one of the go-to alternatives if the traditional charging system does not function properly. The wireless charger can save you a lot of stress if the charging ports are the problem. All you have to do is to plug in your wireless charger and place your Airpods case o the mat and it will begin to charge. You can as well get the wireless charger from the Amazon stores

Contact Customer Service

When all the methods listed above didn’t work, the best to do is to contact Apple customer service to lay your complaints. In customer reviews, it has been found that after 3 years of using the Airpods, they begin to develop faults. So I presume that if the Airpods can develop faults, the case can too. When you go lay down your complaints, make sure to select charging-related problems to your problem can be addressed quickly. The Airpods have a one-year warranty, so when you take the Airpod to the Apple stores, you might get them replaced without paying an extra fee.

Update The Firmwares

If the firmware of your Airpods is outdated, this can cause your Airpods case from charging. Firmware is software that is placed in your Airpods to keep them working properly. However, firmware is to automatically update itself. But if it doesn’t update itself automatically, you can update it manually using these steps.

Before you go updating your Airpods, make sure it is connected to your iPhone.

  • Go to settings, scroll down and select general
  • Tap the About icon and scroll down to find your Airpods.
  • Check the current firmware version, if out of date, then you need to update it.
  • Make sure that the Airpods are connected to the device.
  • Then plug the charger into the Airpod case
  • When this is done leave it overnight to allow it to update.

Replacing Your Airpods

This might not be what you love to hear, but since you’ve tried all the listed methods and it didn’t work, the best option might be to get a new  Airpods or better still get the Airpods Pro since it has better features than the Airpods. Getting your Airpods replaced should be the last measure after trying all other methods.

Other Related Questions On The Airpods Case

How Long Does It Take To Charge An Airpods case?

This depends. If your AirPods case is drained, it will take about twenty-five to thirty minutes for it to be fully charged. When it is fully charged you can go about using your Airpods.

How To Know If My Airpods Case Is Charging?

This is simple, when you plug in your lightning cable, make sure to insert the Airpods into the case. If you’ve inserted the Airpods, the case will show an amber light or a red light this signifies that it is charging. And when fully charged the light turns green. However, when no light means the case has developed a problem.

Why Does My Airpods Case Doesn’t Charge To 100 Percent?

Your AirPods case not charging 100 percent might be because of the power adapter. When the adapter has developed some faults, it will only charge the Airpods to a certain percentage. Try another adapter if that is the case. If it charges 100 percent it means your problem has been solved. Another thing might be the battery of the case needs replacing. If the battery is bad it will not charge 100 percent.

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