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Keeping Prestashop updated is vital, not exclusively to coordinate new features, yet in addition to building the security of the open-source online business stage. The update of Prestashop 1.7 is more hazardous, even the simple progress from 1.7.5 to rendition 1.7.8 of the CMS is seriously requested, for instance, the section of utf8 encoding to utf8mb4 encoding produces different blunders during the update of Prestashop that should be settled before beginning the update. For this reason, Backup is vital.

How to upgrade Prestashop to the latest version?

If you are an amateur, and you want to Aggiornare Prestashop I firmly prompt you not update by yourself, you might end up with a site that does not work anymore and has a few mistakes. Truth be told, numerous factors become possibly the most important factor: accessible space, arranging climate, control of incongruent modules.

You should enlist an office had practical experience in Prestashop. They will give you a relocation adhering to these guidelines, which you can likewise follow with the important safety measures:

  • Organizing climate creation
  • Cloning your present site
  • Update to the most recent rendition of Prestashop
  • Information movement from the old to the new site
  • Last assessment and testing

Why do you need to upgrade Prestashop?

Redesign or not update it is dependent upon you but rather the most recent forms continuously bring heaps of new internet business open doors that can pass you by assuming you decide to adhere to the dated Prestashop discharge. Try not to allow the contenders to move forward before you do. We should look at the advantages that you gain utilizing a refreshed Prestashop stage.


Security is the place where everything starts and ideally doesn’t end. Running a web-based store, you should be certain that both client information and your own are protected – it should turn into your superb thought. Prestashop refreshes contain fixes that take out security weaknesses so they ought to be applied consistently when another delivery comes out.


Timely upgrades don’t just get your online store yet in addition help to keep up with the site’s security. You have to not lose your clients because of the issues of an old version and low execution. If it requires some investment to stack the page, there is a high opportunity that the vast majority of them will leave simply. To avoid it, update your Prestashop and keep the shopping experience of your clients smooth and useful.

New Features

Getting a rate out of latest features, you could provide fine businesses in addition to bring a completely unique improved experience. Update Prestashop because the nice progressive components are made for the latest variations.

How to Upgrade Prestashop with 1-click Upgrade Module?

If you find it difficult to upgrade Prestashop with manual upgrade process. Don’t worry, there is another option a free Prestashop 1-click update module. Yet, before redesigning Prestashop by this strategy, you want to:

  • Introduce the most recent adaptation of the module.
  • Ensure that your server has an adequate number of assets as the 1-click module is very asset serious. If your server is feeble, the module probably won’t run.

In case everything is okay, you can begin updating Prestashop using 1-click module.


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