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Bitcoins are one of the leading cryptocurrencies everyone desires to invest in. However, investors keep on searching for an affordable bitcoin exchange that is reliable and safe.

The biggest hit Bitcoin got in 2021 was USD 64,400 which created a stir within the crypto world. Investors who already had bitcoins started to convert them into cash, while others hold to it for betterment. Currently, in 2022 Bitcoin is at USD 37,208 nearly half the rate of 2021. Which opens a window for new investors to jump in and secure a handsome number of bitcoins for their future.

Being an investor are you looking for secure and affordable bitcoin exchange websites? Here are some best bitcoin exchanges you can rely on!

Top Cheapest Bitcoin Exchange for Investors

To date, bitcoin is referred as digital gold with impressive worth. When launched, only a few people took bitcoin seriously. And those who did not invest are now looking for an easy entry. Since bitcoin hit low in 2022, investors can purchase them at affordable rates. However, getting them from a reliable bitcoin exchange is better.


The platform follows FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) and SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission) protocols in the U.S. eToro allows investors to buy and sell more than 120 cryptocurrencies from its platform with convenience. Being one of the best bitcoin exchange platforms, eToro offers high security and reliability to its users.

The platform doesn’t charge any transaction fee from its investors, either buyers or sellers. There are no fees for opening as well as closing any trade. However, there is a minimal fee of 0.75% for BTC trading. Additionally, the exchange is completely secure as it has a strong framework with advanced encryptions that refrain hackers to breach exchange security. The security protocols of this exchange include 2FA encryption, bio metric logins and cold storage which is offline. So, if you are in search of an exchange that is both cheap and secure than eToro can be a potential fit for your crypto trading journey. However, before making a deposit make sure to go through the terms and conditions of the exchange to avoid any kind of surprises.


If you are talking about trading volume, then Binance is definitely a popular bitcoin exchange platform. While offering the largest range of cryptocurrencies, Binance is regarded as an affordable as well as a secure trading site. Binance.US is registered with U.S. Financial Crimes Enforcement Network.

At the platform, the trade makers and takers are charged from 0.0750% to 0.0525%. But the transaction shouldn’t be more than 1500 BTC. This is the monthly limit of trading with the mentioned percentage deduction. The best thing about this exchange is that Binance US is completely regulated in US which is why it is the biggest liquidity contributor in the crypto market. The exchange also has some impressive rewards and discount programs to attain and retain user engagement. With Binance US users can trade according to their experience levels because the platform has different UIs for both new and advanced traders. Spend few minutes to read more about Binance review


You can enjoy margin trading as well as spot trading for crypto at Bybit. Being a leading bitcoin exchange website, Bybit offers high-frequency trading at the speed of light. Completely safe, secure, and reliable.

There is no maker fee on the platform. However, the taker is charged as low as 0.1% per transaction. There is a 0.025% maker rebate when there is a limit set by the investor on future trades.


Another valued addition in this list of top affordable Bitcoin exchanges is Coinbase. It is one of the renowned crypto exchanges of all time and has still maintained quite a reputation in the market. Coinbase has a wide selection of cryptocurrencies available along with hundreds of trading pairs so users can trade easily. Moreover, the exchange supports various payment gateways including fiat transfers. All financial transactions are completely secure on Coinbase because it has high-end security that ensures protection against any kind of thefts and system failure. This is a huge plus point for all the other crypto exchanges in this list.

Wrapping Up

Whether you are a beginner or an expert trader, these platforms offer reliable services to all. The mentioned platforms offer the best bitcoin exchange facility with prominence. The investors can also get benefited from the different exciting features the platform offers to its users.

Being regulated and approved by the government, these platforms guarantee the safety of your hard-earned money. Bitcoin exchanges sometimes don’t have transparent policies but these platforms deliver what promised!

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