5G Network – the Myths and the Facts

5G technology was making rounds even when it was a mere concept. The extra-ordinary speed and the high cost of it to have in our lives was a topic of discussion on many forums. And it remains so today. If you are among those who subscribed to Charter Internet packages (the company offers 5G), you will be able to tell the myths apart from facts by now. However, if you haven’t used 5G, let us tell you what is true and what is not.

5G – The Myths

Technology Causes Cancer

Well, there is a little bit true to the statement but that is not something that you should worry about. Before the 5G, many wireless technologies had to face the same charge. Blame it on the Dr. Bill Curry graph that he introduced in 2000. It highlighted the alarming health effects that wireless technologies could have. The graph narrated that the brain absorbs the microwave at a very high frequency.

The exaggerations of that version of the graph went up to claiming that 5G will make your nose bleed apart from causing cancer. And most recently, people blame the technology for bringing Coronavirus around. To say that Dr. Curry was wrong about the connection between microwave absorption and high frequency would be wrong. Because he wasn’t. However, the world fails to understand that this exposure concerns the exposed tissues in the labs. No the tissues deep inside our bodies.

Apart from that, the graph also did not take in to account a very major fact that our bodies are capable of blocking the higher radio frequencies. Therefore, you do not have o worry about 5G causing cancer or Coronavirus.

Weather Data Collection Back to the 80s

Some claim that the frequencies of 5G are likely to take back the weather predictions in the 80s. Well, there isn’t much that people have to comment on this particular statement. Hence, its categorization under myths.

However, a good amount of meteorologists shared concerns regarding 5G’s interference with the satellite data. This can, in turn, interfere with the weather predictions that they make with ease.  These weather predictions enable the meteorologists to predict any hazardous situations including tornadoes and hurricanes.

But there is not enough proof as yet to prove that this claim holds. Nothing will be clear unless 5G becomes as common technology as 4G is right now. Currently, 5G is available in limited cities. Moreover, 5G compatible phones aren’t here as yet either to take the full advantage of the technology.

5G will Replace 4G

No, it won’t. You do not have to worry that you will be left with no other choice but to switch to the expensive Internet option i.e. 5G. The only people who will replace 4G with 5G (with their own will), will be the ones who wish to get access to what possible is the fastest Internet connection. For that purpose, these people will have to invest in expensive phone sets as well. Because not all of them come equipped with a 5G support system.

However, there is a piece of good news for the ones who plan on sticking to the existing 4G technology. You might experience faster Internet speed too. So, stop worrying about you having to discard 4G from your lives. It is here to stay.

5G –The Facts

Countries are Signing Petitions to Halt 5G

Many of the cities in the states along with other countries want 5G to come to a halt. They believe that technology is not as safe. And even if it is, these countries want proof for that first. So, according to them, unless researchers prove that 5G is entirely safe, no one should use the technology. Among the countries that agree on doing so include Nigeria, France, and Switzerland. These countries are also launching investigations to look into the matter.

The same is the case with some U.S. cities including Monterey, Petaluma, and Mill Valley. These cities are also not letting any 5G cells to be installed in residential neighborhoods as well as public utility easements. The cells are also kept at a 500-ft distance from the schools.

5G is the Need of the Rapidly Evolving World

If you think that the States is where it all started, you need to up your research game. The United States is far behind when it comes to using the 5G technology when compared to South Korea. The latter started using technology as early as December 2018. It was not until late 2019 that countries like the United Kingdom, China, and Germany rolled out the 5G networks as well. Many countries are still working on introducing 5G in 2020.

Different countries and researches have highlighted the fact that 5G is indeed the need of the rapidly evolving world. It is a hundred times faster than 4G. And it will transform the way that the individuals travel, work, communicate, and learn. Countries also believe that then technology will play a vital role in making certain industries more productive. These include agriculture, manufacturing, and healthcare.

5G Means a New Phone

Although Apple lovers believe that 5G is compatible with iPhone X, there is little truth to it. You will need a new phone that supports technology if you wish to subscribe to it. The list of companies currently offering 5G compatible phones is small. For example, high-end brands like Samsung are offering this facility. Other manufacturers are working on launching phones that support 5G this year or maybe the next.

But owning a 5G compatible device will not only be it. You will also have to see if the Internet service provider you take services from offering it too or not. For example, I use Spectrum Bakersfield Internet. I will have to ask my company if they are offering 5G if I wish to switch to it. If not, then I will have to change the Internet service provider as well.

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