5 Reasons Why Content Marketing Is Important


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Expert opinion matters. If you ask 20 different content marketing experts about their definition of content marketing, they’d all probably come up with different versions of their. Some created through, and most by experience. But when it comes to the core of content marketing, they’d all agree on something like:
Content marketing is the marketing strategy used by entrepreneurs and enterprises to bring new traffic to their business (hence, providing it with an opportunity to grow further). It involves the process of creating, publishing, and distributing content. The target audience is pre-decided. For example, if I have to subscribe to my Optimum triple play package, I will google the content relevant enough to help me out the most.
Mostly, the marketing is done through social media, blog writing, e-books, interactive online tools, and material which can be downloaded. In that way, you can share your expertise with your potential buyer.

An Example to Make it Clearer

Let’s suppose you are a book-blogger and get a share in the sale of newly launched books that you review. You write those reviews about books on your social media page. For the past six months, you have noticed that the traffic on your social media page has gone thinner. What would you do? You start to write blogs that contain 2 to 3 optimized keywords, about reading during the holiday season, and reading on your way to work, etc. these posts get the ranking in search engines gradually. And when the holiday season hits, people search online about what to read or do during the holiday season, and that is where they find you!
A large number of people rely on reviews to get a new book to read, as books are pretty expensive, and readers have a very specific reading taste.

Trust Building

Building trust is very important in whatever your ideas plus business. Even if you are an online blogger, you need to know your target audience and post stuff accordingly. The more consistently you share, the clearer it becomes to the people following you that you are serious about what you do. Also, always be fair about your reviews. People trust experts who are clear and fair in their recommendations.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When you want to search for a specific product or topic on Google, you put in a keyword. The search engine works at its best to present to you the most relevant information related to your research.
When you write expert opinion based content, which might be helpful to all the people searching for it online, Google is the first one to appreciate it. It recognizes that your content is informative and useful, and ranks it higher in the search results! (Yay!)
Search engine algorithms are constantly updated. Keep on creating content that is up to the mark and is relevant. Also, see that it answers queries that might arise in the minds of your target audience. That way, the ranking would stay higher, and it would stay there longer.

Helps your Customer Reach You!

The reason you use content marketing is to generate audience and traffic for your business, and it should be useful enough to do that. Content marketing is the only link that can connect your potential buyers to you. If your content is good enough, your competitors won’t be in the picture even. All you have to do is to maintain the quality of your content. Include premium content like e-books and scholarly articles relevant to your posts. Such leads are much needed to get potential buyers to choose your product.

Content Sharing

When you produce some content that is good and authentic, people are going to share it. It means producing content that is being shared for the first time, it is going to get noticed. People keep looking out for new things all the time. And sharing means more and more people viewing it, which would automatically lead to traffic generation. The advantage of having access to so many people in this digital age is a blessing, use it!

Convinced already? You should be! Content Marketing is the ultimate boost that your business needs. As for me, I am going to call the day off and use my Optimum Internet packages to get extra people to my business Instagram page. What about you?

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