5 Google Drive Tips and Tricks Everyone Should Know

In the United States, Google has over 246 million individual users. In addition to being a top search engine, Google’s creative features are useful to individuals and businesses alike.

Whatever you need to create — whether it is a document, a spreadsheet, or a presentation — Google Drive is the perfect platform for creation.

But even such a helpful tool is useless in the hands of someone who does not know how to use it. Keep reading for five Google Drive tips to help you get the most out of your experience.

1. Learn Some Shortcuts

There are a couple of keyboard shortcuts that seem to work on every platform. But Google Drive has a bounty of extra shortcuts that go beyond the usual. These shortcuts can make performing tasks quicker and easier.

When you open Google Drive, hit Ctrl + / on a PC. If you have a Mac, hit Command + /. This will bring up a full list of shortcuts for you to use.

2. Create Surveys

How many times at work have you had to vote on where to go for lunch? Or what image works best for the new branding initiative?

When you work in a team, a lot of decisions need to be made. Google Drive allows you to make and distribute your own surveys. Make decisions easily without having to rely on outside survey software.

3. Use Voice Typing

Do you need to take down some notes but can’t type at the moment? Google Drive allows for voice typing in Google docs.

Go to Tools, and select Voice Typing. A microphone icon will appear on your screen. Simply click when you want to turn it on and off.

4. Translate Documents

If you have a document that you need to translate into another language, Google Drive can do it for you. All you need to do is go to Tools. From there, you can select Translate Document.

You will be able to select the desired language and pick a name for the translated version. After you hit Translate, your translated document will appear in a new window.

This new version will become its own unique document, but if you need help cleaning up your Drive, there are also ways to find and delete duplicate files.

This makes collaboration with others easier than it has ever been.

5. Get Help With Research

Very often, we have to write and do research at the same time. Why not let Google help you with that? Getting research assistance is one of the most helpful Google Drive tricks.

Go to the Tools tab, and select Explore. This will conduct searches on the web based on things in your document. Google Drive will offer up relevant photos or other websites to look into.

With Google Drive, you can write documents that are fully and carefully researched.

Don’t Miss These Google Drive Tips

Google Drive is an excellent tool, but only if you know how to use it. If you use Google Drive regularly, these five Google Drive tips can help you have a better experience.

Do you have more questions about using apps and other platforms efficiently? Visit our Tech section and keep reading.

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