5 Features You Should Look For in Kids Monitoring App



As a parent interested in knowing about their child’s behavior online, one might wonder: What comprises the best kids’ monitoring app in the market.

And to the more pertinent questions:

  • Why would I need parental control?
  • What are my options?
  • How does it work?

This article tells you about all you need to expect from a standard kid monitoring app.

Even if you’ve had a chat with your children about online responsibility, and screen-time limits, it might not be enough. You cannot be omnipresent and children cannot be held liable for their behavior as easily.

This is where kids’ monitoring apps come in. These apps help you keep your child’s internet experiences safe. And they work best when used in an honest and open environment.

Assessing the kind of parental controls you need is entirely dependent on your needs. While some families can do with basic free browser filters to sift out inappropriate content, others may need a bit more control. These may include spot checking devices or restricting screen time.

Wherever you fall on the parental control spectrum, this guide will have something for you. A common set of functions, however, should be available when you’re looking to window-shop for a prospective kids’ monitoring app. Here’s what the list should look like:

Block Websites

This is basic. The first option a parent looks toward while searching up for a kid monitoring is website blocking. You can get the same functionality from browsers if you enable “SafeSearch” from Google Chrome or other browsers. A good safety precaution for kids that have just started going online.

Content Filtering

One of the more specific functionality is content filtering. It prevents access to specific websites and searches while limiting your child’s exposure to mature content or porn.

These kids monitoring controls are usually built into the operating system of a device. Major OS such as Windows, Apple, and Linux flavors offer certain settings that will prevent your kids from accessing stuff they shouldn’t be seeing.

You can get the most out of these features by updating OS, and making separate profiles for each user. Whatever settings you will apply will have an impact on every user, as you see fit.

Impose Screen-Time Limits

These requirements need a full-blown, feature-stacked kids’ monitoring app. While some of the apps offering screen-time controls could be a bit pricey (more so if you want to monitor multiple kids), they do provide full access to a kid’s device. This is for the parents that need to keep track of online accounts, online screen time, and social media profiles.

Monitor Phone Activity

Some apps offer to monitor the entire smartphone. Such apps are helpful if you’re concerned about your child engaging in risky online behavior. Or with people, you don’t deem safe. Functionalities such as “Keyword Alert” will notify you if your kid uses words such as “drugs.”

Location tracking

Most of the apps provide features such as GPS trackers. The trick is that your kid should be carrying the device at the time.

There are many functionalities you can expect as you pour effort and money into a kid monitoring app. In the end, there is no one size fits all approach to this. With on “Scalefusion Geofencing and GPS tracking feature“, the MDM solution can act as a parental control app that can provide real-time GPS location of the kid.

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