4 of the best sitcoms on TV

4 of the best sitcoms on TV

TV undeniably brings us top-notch entertainment. Dating back to the 1950s, sitcom shows have proven to be a fan favorite amongst TV viewers, and this is usually down to the feel-good production of the show and the storyline and characters within. Sitcoms were produced as a comedy to make people laugh, and as comedy is proven to be one of the most popular movie and TV show genres, it is not difficult to comprehend why so many sitcoms have become successful over the years through continuous delivery on streaming networks alongside live TV. For live TV viewings, it is vital to ensure that your TV aerial is fully operational, as this could affect the overall performance and reception of your TV quality. For TV aerial installations or repairs, click here. However, in the meantime, let’s dive into some of the best sitcoms on TV.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Let’s begin with a modern-day favorite. As this show is still broadcast on popular channels such as E4, it is undeniably well watched by viewers and it is no surprise why it is considered one of the best sitcoms on TV currently. Focusing on a New York City police department, the show dives deep into the livelihoods of a team of detectives in the city’s 99th precinct. Featuring mismatched, and sometimes conflicting character personalities, such as Jake Peralta, a hilariously immature and carefree detective, and Detective Amy Santiago, a motivated and ambitious female who ends up as Peralta’s partner, this truly gives you an insight into the ‘chalk and cheese’ pool of characters within the show. Different storylines are portrayed within each episode as we watch the team effectively, or sometimes, ineffectively solve the crime at hand. After becoming hooked on this show, you will begin to comprehend why Captain Holt gets frustrated with his team. Ultimate comedy gold! example


The Big Bang Theory 

Allowing the audience to view comedy interlinked with education, The Big Bang Theory (TBBT) features a whopping 12 seasons and has been proven to be CBS’ premiere sitcom. So, what is so great about the show you ask? TBBT features a group of what we would name, ‘science geeks’ who revolve their intellectual lifestyles primarily around their careers. The majority of the show teakes place within the main characters’ Sheldon and Leonard’s two-bedroom LA apartment, where the gang usually tends to congregate and experience most of their hilarious conflicts within. These, 95% of the time, involve Sheldon who believes that he is the most intellectual out of them all. After three females enter the guys’ lives, relationships spark, and extra friendships are made as we watch the full cast navigate their way through their science-focused lifestyle.



27 years later from the initial premier in 1994, this show continues to be spoken about and referred to daily! Considered as the greatest sitcoms the world has seen, if you haven’t heard of the famous Friends we will be merely shocked! The show is fixated on a group of young adults living in Manhattan, New York as they navigate their way through relationships, conflict, career issues, adventures, and pretty much life in general! The show features favourites such as Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, and Matthew Perry, to name a few, therefore, it is no surprise that it has created such a dominant fan base. Featuring famous sets such as Phoebe’s apartment, Chandler and Joey’s apartment, Central Perk, and the most iconic space, Monica’s apartment, it is no surprise that the viewers shed a tear when the last episode took place in this setting. We are sure you have heard a great fuss made around this show, so what are you waiting on, turn on your TV to tune into some featured episodes now Click here for more.


2 Broke Girls 

Here we bring you another Americanised sitcom, which definitely appears to be a common denominator within this article. 2 Broke Girls features two young waitresses trying to stay on their feet financially in the great world of New York City. Caroline and Max, have two majorly different perspectives on life as one grew up as the daughter of a billionaire, who now remains penniless after her father was involved in fraud and the other, much less fortunate who is completely used to a life of uncertainty and a poor working-class lifestyle. The diversity of the two characters and the situations that they find themselves in throughout the show has to be the most hilarious part of the comedy. However, ultimately, Max and Caroline will do anything to reach their end goal of owning a well-established and successful cupcake business, and to be eventually financially stable without the dependency of the diner and their boss. With the ability to relate to real-life events and financial crises, the show takes an entertaining approach on how to navigate and hilariously tackle these problems, making it one of the best sitcoms on TV.

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