4 Easy Steps for Creating a Website

With the free and easy to use online website design software and content management platforms, making a website has become easier and quicker. Within a few clicks, you can slap together a professional Magento Development Companies platform.

However, if you want to have a unique and aesthetically appealing website, you have to do more than a couple of clicks. Planning has a key role to play in creating a site that brings in customers. Other than the design of the website, the content it has matters a lot, too. This is where the services of a professional web-design and SEO company can come in handy for you. Apart from designing your website, helping it to rank, it can also help to create interesting and unique content for it.

Coming back to the process of creating a website, here are some easy steps you can follow to give your business a striking online presence:

Step 1: Start Planning

Now that you have identified your audience, you must have a clear idea of what type of content is required. To get a better idea, you can view the sites of top rivals. Also, you must determine the purpose of each site. Notice how a customer is expected to go from one page to another. See if you feel compelled to follow the call to action.

Once you have done that, it is time to discuss the idea with a group of people associated with the website. You can share the details you gathered. For example, share your notes about the message, audience, and other things you studied during your visit. After that, you must discuss different ideas and figure out what will be suitable.

Step 2: Decide the Theme 

The next step is to categorize different ideas into clusters. When you see a pattern, the clusters can be the pages of your website. It sounds confusing, right? Let’s take a look at an example.

So, you have an e-commerce site. You have clustered information like product photos, video of the product, description, and testimonials or reviews. With this gathered information, you make a product page.

Besides this, contact information, call to action, and the latest news can become the homepage. Sometimes, pages should be merged. You can add them as subpages. For instance, you offer plenty of products. You can add subpages for every product or service you provide under the main products page.

Also, some ideas cannot be categorized under any page. It is crucial to ask yourself whether this page is important or not. If you are confused, you can leave and come to it later.

Step 3: Make an Outline of the Pages 

The step is to display the pages in an easy to read format. Everyone has a different preference. Some like to display the list in a bullet while some prefer just an outline. An important thing to keep in mind is that the list must be no more than seven primary pages. That is because it a number that people can easily understand.

A good rule of thumb is to group pages together to make subpages if you need more pages. Keep in mind that users like a navigable site. Do not make it hard for visitors to find what they are looking for. This means the user does not like to click on links several times to reach what they are seeking.

Step 4: Add Details to Every Page

Now that you have an outline, you can add more details to the plan. You can add new notes on every page. This is a great way to know which information you will add there. Don’t limit yourself to text; you can use videos, links, or images.

Moreover, you must also make titles for all the pages. We recommend having three titles. The first title of the page will be the shortest, so you can place it on the menu. It will help the users move to another page.

The second heading will be at the top of the page to let visitors know where they are. The third title must be longer since it will be more descriptive. This helps get better ranks in Google.

Final Thoughts

All in all, the plan you will get in the end will be the blueprint for your website. It will help in making the web design process hassle-free and stress-free. With all the information about the audience, purpose, and message, you can build the website at the fraction of the cost. Also, the website will be user friendly and easy to navigate.

If you have trouble understanding how to create a website, you can always get help from a web design company in New York. Just keep in mind that planning is the key.


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