Unblock Putlocker.to – 9 Best Sites like Putlocker to Watch Movies for Free!


Missed that favorite movie in the cinema? Couldn’t find time to see that weekly episode of your favorite TV show? Worry now more. Putlocker is your dream destination to refresh that bit of media that you are missing instantly. Not only can you download HD movies, TV shows and all kinds of other media on … Read more

10 Great Recent Thriller Movies You’ve Probably Never Seen

There have been hundreds of movies in the last decade alone. A recent movie can be one that came out last fall. Or, as my 80-year-old dad who has trouble with his Windstream online bill pay would say, anything after 1990 is recent. A thriller is even more difficult to pin down. Most thrillers merge … Read more

Best free Streaming Services to Watch Movies

Free streaming service

Watching movies on TV used to be the favorite past-time activity at our place. I remember my dad’s obsession with collecting movies, and how we had a whole cabinet filled with his favorite ones. We would watch new ones, and re-watch classics over the Christmas holidays, all of us sitting in front of one big … Read more

RARBG Working Proxies & Mirror Sites: Top 3 Sites like Rarbg Listed


RARBG, The Go-To Movie Download Solution – What You Need to Know! Are you a film fanatic and yet can’t find time to watch all these new releases in theaters? RARBG is your solution for downloading movies of all kinds with series and other forms of media available as well. However, the popularity of this … Read more